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We've recently launched the NightCafe Knowledge Base. You might find answers to common questions there, along with other more in-depth tips & tutorials.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I delete my account / personal data?

You can delete your account and all your personal data on the Account Settings page.

I accidentally archived a creation. How can I get it back?

Archived creations aren't lost, you can find them by filtering your creations by Archived You can un-archive them from there.

How can I permanently delete a creation?

You can permanently delete a creation from the "My Creations" screen. You'll find the option under the three-dot menu of the creation.

Can I use NightCafe for free?

Yes. Most types of creations cost credits, but you get free credits every day, and can earn more by participating in the community. There are also some types of creations (E.g. "base" stable creations) that cost zero credits, so they're essentially free.

What is a "base" Stable generation?

A "base" Stable generation is classified as a thumb-resolution, short-runtime, single-image creation. It still requires credits to create at higher resolution, longer runtime, or multi-image creations.

Is it really unlimited?

Unlimited "base" Stable generations does have some caveats to prevent abuse.

First, while a base creation costs zero credits, we do have some rate limits to prevent you from creating too quickly. A regular user should never hit the rate limits, they're in place to prevent abuse via automations like bots or scripts.

The second caveat is that you can't use the bulk-create tools (multiple start images, multiple prompt sets, or multiple seeds) for zero-credit creations.

I can't log in - it says I don't have an account?

It's a common mistake to try logging in to the store instead of the app. Unfortunately they are currently separate systems, which causes some confusion. Make sure you're logging in at the login page.

Does the license allow me to sell my creations or use them for commercial purposes?

Short answer: Yes, provided you didn't use any Copyrighted images in the creation process, and subject to the Copyright laws in your jurisdiction.

Copyright laws for AI-generated artworks are still evolving, and vary from country to country. It's up to you to check the Copyright laws in your own country.

In jurisdictions where NightCafe is deemed the Copyright holder (as the AI-generation platform), we agree to transfer the Copyright ownership to you - the creator - to use however you like, provided that you didn't use any Copyright restricted images to create it.

That means, as long as you own (or have permission to use) any input images you used, you will be assigned Copyright by us. For style transfer, you must have copyright permission for the content and style images. For text-to-image artworks, you must have copyright permissions for any start and target images. If your creation doesn't use any other images, you're welcome to use it for commercial purposes.

We do our best to ensure that only public domain and royalty-free images appear in the preset styles and free images tabs of the image picker, but we don't guarantee that these images are free of copyright limitations, and it's up to you to double-check.

Please also refer to "Use of your Artwork" in our Terms of Service for the full legal definitions.

Can I sell my creations through NightCafe?

NightCafe doesn't offer a way to sell your creations to other users, however if you're selling your creation as an NFT or a print on another platform (E.g. OpenSea, Etsy, RedBubble), you can add a link to where other users can buy it.

See also license explanation and can I sell my creations as NFTs?

Can I sell my creations as NFTs?

Yes, as long as you have permission to use any input images you used to create them. See Does the license allow me to sell my creations or use them for commercial purposes? above.

How can I mint an NFT from my creations?

We don't provide any minting services. To mint an NFT, download your creation and then follow a guide for the platform on which you wish to mint your NFT.

Is there a native app for iOS/Android?

There are no native apps for NightCafe (yet), but you can install the web app directly. Once installed, it behaves exactly as a native app would (no url bar or forward/back buttons, native notifications, etc).

Follow the instructions for your platform to install NightCafe as an app:
Android: Open NightCafe Creator in Chrome, then from the browser menu choose "Install".
iOS: Open NightCafe Creator in Safari, then tap the share button and choose "Add to Home Screen".

Why is the resolution capped? Can I pay for higher resolution?

The resolution limits are to do with the amount of memory required by the different algorithms. There's no paid tier that will enable higher resolutions than what's displayed in the options. After your creation has completed, you can use the "Enhance" button to upscale it to a higher resolution.

How does the daily 5 credit topup work?

You can claim your daily topup every 24 hours by opening your notification inbox and clicking claim. Credits can be claimed once per day, at any time after midnight UTC (12:00 am in your current timezone). Please note you will not be able to claim credits for previous days even if you didn't claim them then.

All users will receive the daily topup regardless of their current credit balance, or whether they've purchased credits.

Why didn't I get credits for my Instagram/Twitter/TikTok post?

Make sure your post meets all the requirements listed under "Share to social media" on the Master NightCafe page. Note: You can only earn 1 social badge per day. A "day" is defined as 24hrs from midnight UTC. In other words, the count resets at the same time as your daily credits become available.

If you think your post meets all the requirements, but you still didn't get the badge, let us know via the support form.

After purchasing credits, how soon will they appear in my account?

Usually, your credits will appear in your account within 1 minute of your purchase. On rare occasions, it may take longer. If it ever takes longer than 10 minutes, please reach out to us via the Support form and include your order number.

Is there a recurring charge?

It depends on what you purchase. NightCafe PRO is a subscription with a monthly recurring charge (and monthly credits). Pre-paid credit packs do NOT have recurring charges.

Will I receive credits on the same day each month?

For NightCafe PRO subscriptions, you will be charged (and receive your credits) on the same day each month when possible (some months have fewer days than others). You can see when your next payment is scheduled under Manage subscription.

How can I cancel, pause or delay my subscription?

You can cancel, pause or delay your next subscription payment any time under Manage subscription.

Do credits expire or do they roll-over?

Credits never expire. They will always roll-over into the next month and can be used at any time in the future.

Can I still buy credit packs if I've subscribed?

Yes. You will also have the option to "Charge Now" which accelerates your next subscription payment to some time in the next few minutes. This is usually a better option because credit packs are more expensive than NightCafe PRO.

How can I change my subscription plan?

Unfortunately for now, the only way is to cancel your current subscription and then purchase a new one. This means that you will be charged immediately for the new plan. We're hoping to be able to improve this soon.

If I cancel my subscription, can I renew it later?

No, you will have to sign up for a new subscription. However, instead of cancelling, you can instead pause your subscription indefinitely, and then un-pause it when you're ready to continue.

After I subscribe, what happens if I use all the credits?

To get more credits after you've used them all, you can use the "Charge Now" button, which accelerates your next subscription payment to some time in the next few minutes.

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