AI Generated
Pet Portraits

Turn your favourite pet photos into portraits in minutes with the help of Artificial Intelligence.

Pet Portraits

Create your pet's portrait with AI

💸 Cost Per Portrait:Up to 3 free per day
🖼️ Pet Portraits Generated:130,000+
⏲️ Creation Speed:~5 mins per portrait
🎨 Style Choices:Upload or use a preset

Free To Create

Create up to 3 pet portraits per day for free. You only pay if you decide to get one printed.


Manual pet portrait painters take weeks. Our AI will create each portrait in minutes.


Tweak the settings, choose your own styles, duplicate previous portraits and adjust their settings.

Choose a Style

Click on one of the portraits to create your own portrait in that style.

Pet Portrait

Pet Portraits - Fast, Free and Easy

Create pet portraits for free with NightCafe Creator. NightCafe Creator is an AI Art Generator that allows you to turn any photo into a painting online. It's not just for pet portraits, but it is perfect for them.

It's free to create up to 3 pet portraits per day, you only pay if you decide to have one printed. Our prints are museum quality, and can be hung as-is or in a frame.

Whether you want a portrait of your dog, cat, bird, fish, ferret, exotic lizard or tiger, NightCafe Creator is the best way to achieve it.

Dog Portrait

Print Your Pet's Portrait

Let us print your pet's portrait! We use Artificial Intelligence to enhance the portrait to print quality, manually crop it to the aspect ratio of your chosen size (making sure to keep your beloved pet in-frame), then print and deliver it to your door.

The prints are museum-quality, made on thick and durable matte paper. They are perfect for framing or hanging as-is.

AI vs Human Painted Pet Portraits

Why choose an AI to paint your Pet's Portrait?



Time before you can view the portrait





How many portraits and styles can you try?


Usually one unless you pay for multiple


As many as you like, any style you like

Payment terms


Pay up-front, see the result days or weeks later


3 free per day, only pay if you like one enough to get it printed

Variety of styles


Depends on the artist's specialties


Unlimited variety

Quality of final product


Depends on the artist's ability


Depends on your own persistence and creativity


Frequently Asked Questions about AI Generated Pet Portraits

🐶 How do I create an AI Generated Pet Portrait?

It's simple, you simply upload a photo of your pet and choose a style image. When you click "Create", our AI will recreate your pet photo in your chosen style.

🖌️ Are there any advantages to using AI instead of a human artist?

Yes! It's faster (minutes vs days or weeks), free (only pay if you want to get one printed), you can create as many portraits as you like, and you can try many different portrait styles.

💸 Does it cost money to create pet portraits?

No. You can use NightCafe Creator to generate up to 3 pet portraits per day for free. You only pay if you would like to get one of your creations printed.

📱 What platforms does NightCafe Creator work on?

NightCafe Creator works on the web, and can be installed to the home screen of your iPhone, Android phone or tablet.

🖼️ Do I own the pet portraits I create?

Yes! As long as you own, or have permission to use the original photos, your pet portraits belong to you.