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Introducing free, unlimited "Stable" creations

A "base" Stable creation now costs zero credits. That means you can create as many as you like, with a couple of minor caveats.

What's a "base" generation?

A "base" generation is classified as a thumb-resolution, short-runtime, single-image creation. It still requires credits to create at higher resolution, longer runtime, or multi-image creations.

What are the caveats?

Some caveats are in place to prevent abuse of this new free option.

First, while a base creation costs zero credits, we do have some rate limits to prevent you from creating too quickly. A regular user should never hit the rate limits, they're in place to prevent abuse via automations like bots or scripts.

The second caveat is that you can't use the bulk-create tools (multiple start images, multiple prompt sets, or multiple seeds) for zero-credit creations.

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