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caged moon (taking a break of NightCafé)
caged moon (taking a break of NightCafé)
2 months ago

caged moon (taking a break of NightCafé)

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Creative UpscaleSVD


Some of you may have noticed my lack of inspiration during this week (most of the creations are remakes of old stuff with a different twist), and lately i've been feeling very unmotivated to create stuff, and i'd told to myself that once i'm starting to see this site as an obligation rather than a hobby, that's the moment where i'm stepping out, and that day has arrived. I don't want to put an amount of time when i'm planning to come back in here, or even if i'm coming back, but i'll prefer to keep my sanity and lose the love I have for this site and the AI rather than being obligated to post stuff daily, I hope you can understand my reasoning, see you soon, I love you all 🫀 -Adan.

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Amazing picture. Adansito, we will miss you whether you come back or not. Every single image you make inspires me so much. Ever since I started NC you are one of the people who gave me motivation. Thank you for being a creator I look up too! Please have a good break. 💙

2 monthsReply

I wholeheartedly agree with your comment

Could not have siad it better if I tried for 3 months, we will miss you

Sometimes you have to take a break in order to live life and find inspiration again. Get rejuvenated, find inspiration, live life! we'll be here when you're ready again.

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that is super cool!


Awesome picture! Reading your message, I just had a thought I’d like to share. What you said sounds like growth, in this case artistic growth. Though I, and I’m sure many others, will be sad to see less of your work here, growth should be celebrated, not apologized for. Best of luck in all you do, and keep being your best self!

I'm saddened to hear you've been 'struggling' and feeling obligated, Adan. ☹️ When something you enjoy becomes more like a chore then it's definitely time to re-evaluate. I hope one day you may find the joy you once had in your art, even if you make it only 'just for you'. I thank you for all the wonderful images you have shared that has given inspiration to so many others. Look after you and I hope perhaps one day we may get to enjoy your wonderful talent once again. ❣️

@adansito - Thank you kindly for the tip❣

I hope to see you again very soon with lot of new ideas mate and new motivation ( macabre god stuff ? )) ) 🐈‍⬛

"Obligation" Art is what is ignored on the walls of hotel/motels. It merely takes up space. Your person insight is stunning (as are your creative expressions). Allowing yourself the opportunity to explore other media need not exclude others. Just as 2 things can be true at once, artists can practice in more than one genre/mode many folks speak more than one language.... they needn't forget one yo use the other. The constraint of obligation is, you're right, detrimental to the process...which should be delightful and liberating. I hope you enjoy your well-earned respite. Namaste

Thank you for all your masterpieces and inspiration ! You where always kind & friendly and a great Master ! ❤️‍🔥 Whatever you're going to do, i wish you all the best and succes in life ! I hope that someday you will return but i totally understand your decision.😇 Take care & stay safe ! 💖

I finally had to get rid of my daily streak just because it became another chore for the day and I felt obligated. Now I only get on here to create when I want to and mainly just been doing daily challenges for fun.

Incredible and wonderful ! I love it ! It looks like coherent movie :)

I admire you! ❤️ Be just yourself is the main art!!!

for @adansito

dun dun dun dun dun dun dun

I understand you perfectly. Honestly, I've been feeling this way since bringing in creations from other places was allowed and NC stopped being just NC. I hope you are well. Your creations are beautiful. Take care!

nicely done @adansito this is beautiful 😍. Hope all is well!


I understand you @adansito . Lately i feel quite overwhelmed here, Nc takes a lot of energy, posting and sharing in chats is almost like a job, i feel i have to constantly look for something new and innovative to create..sometimes is very stressful. There is the "grinding for likes" aspect of the site that really drains life force..i see you are not the only one leaving/taking a break, and i feel that probably i will have to do the same at one point, or i will end up in a mental hospital. So, i admire you for your decision and strenght, and i wish you all the best in life. Maybe see you again here, if you come back before i leave. Bye bye Adansito 🙏

This works so well! Nice one!


Well done! 😄

gorgeous!!! we'll miss you! love your creations to the moon 😉 🌙

You will be missed but i completely understand. I hope you enjoy your time away and know what a major impact you have on this site. Much love for you my friend 🤗♥️🤗


Understandable, sanity is most important - take care man!

Taking care of yourself is the most important ✨ 😌 ❤

I understand more than you know! But I will miss you and look forward to you coming back! Take care, my friend!

You will always be in our hearts

Cool creation, Adan! Sorry to hear about your decision to leave. Your legacy will live on through your creations. Take time to recharge your batteries. Come back when it feels right! Thanks for your inspiration! It means a lot to each and all of us!!! 💫 ⚡️ 😀 🎉

Sorry to see you go. Remember, it's just your mindset, you don't owe anyone anything in here. Hugs dude. Come back when your passion returns.

Among many experts out here in this site, Ur creations hav been unique ones, n the ones which have grabbed my attention immediately, I will miss seeing Ur creations, U have given the best inspirations to newcomers like us. Thanku for being here, I'm privileged for joining while U were still here. My best n warmest wishes r for u.

Hello I know you dont know me but the stuff you make inspires a lot of people in so many ways. I hope you find what you are looking for and it doesn't matter if you come back or not as long as you are happy and take care of yourself. Thats the number one thing you should have in mind. I hope to see you again and if I dont . Good luck and I hope you are happy and get everything you want and deserve. Thanks for being my hero for inspiring me so much. I thank you for that. You will be missed so much.♥️♥️♥️ THANK YOU!!!

Pretty much how I felt when made the decision to step away. I've come back and checked out what others are making, but haven't felt drawn to make anything new. Take care of yourself, you deserve it.

🪙 1

I totally blame the eclipse! 😁 (That somehow inspired your creation, it seems). It's always good to go back to the real life and, well, live a little. Taka care. Thank you for this awesome image

Great artwork. I totally understand your feelings because I left NC before after creating artworks for 100 days. Hope you take a good time to recharge and see you again soon.

very deep, and I feel you, it’s part of my identity in a way, or the story I tell myself, it was exciting and the community is great, but in the end it’s always been work, as long as im satisfied sometimes inspiration needs obligation imo

results from discipline is something that gives me purpose, and when the goals and potential is endless, sometimes the habit keeps me sharp/prepared

Have a good break. If you are ready to move on, you are. I am glad I got to see your work!

A very smooth animation. Kudos!

Always inspired by your creations. Sad if you leave but you’re right. If it’s no fun, it’s time to move on. Come back when and if you’re ready. 🥰

I'm sure all of us here understand COMPLETELY, and concur. Just 'Be', and express when the mood strikes.

Hey man, if you want to leave, can you make a give-away of likes, followers, credits and pro membership? Just asking for a friend😅🤣 Now, being serious again, take a break for yourself and then keep up with the amazing work that amazed us every time. Your second family needs you🤗

Take good care Adansito💫✨🌜

🥰🥰🥰 will miss you! Take your break!

Thank you for all that you do for this community, and for sharing your struggle with inspiration. I look forward to your return whenever the time is right.

I completely agree with you and I see myself in what you wrote. I am convinced that there is always a moment to take a break and reflect on what to do. However, I hope you come back soon, even if virtually, we have all become like a family. A strong and sincere hug and thank you for everything

You will be greatly missed 💛

Beautiful work! Thanks for your inspiration! Be well and be blessed.

This is fabulous , mesmerising . You were one of the first to welcome me to NC @adansito and tipped me . Someone below mentioned ‘growth ‘ I agree with them . Sometimes we find ourselves plateauing or becoming uninspired for a while . I find when that happens it is because there is a shift happening within us . After that shift , growth there’s a newness within that gives a higher , bigger creativeness and outlook , a new found passion for your work . . It’s good to take those breaks , it’s necessary . However your art is Exceptional , go with flow , I wish you well whatever you decide to do 💛

❤️ come back to us, when you feel the spirit of creativity Adan! We will be waiting for you! Love

pity ... GREAT Art ... but completely understand /... ENJOY the well deserved break .... thinking going the same way ...

As your moon the inspiration turns, and it cans be a good thing to dig or not , and it is good too to pause, to slow or even to change the road. I understand what you feel and anyways go on create here or in your life, au revoir

there is always room to rest and come back when time comes... have a nice lobg breaks... 💚

I know what you're talking about. I think a lot of us have been revisiting our older creations and updating them. Also, there's been such a big backlash to the whole AI art movement that it does have a negative impact and a lot of us lose our enthusiasm for the form. I have to admit I do see a lot of very uninspired clichéd images and I wish more people would use their imaginations much more.

Превосходная анимация!

I hope you will be back soon, because I can't wait for your amazing art as always ! I wish you everything best !

We love your stuff. And if you leave. You will be missed. But still loved.

Same here for month now. My brain hurts 😅 like always i love your style. I await your next series

This is amazing. ❤️ I understand why you would take a break based on that feeling. Take care of yourself and do what makes you happy.


I'm sorry but I understand Adansito... You inspired me a lot... Thank you. 😉

This is an absolutely wonderful creation❤️ I will miss you..but if you need time to make a break I can understand this!Hope to see more again from your art and ideas…someday.Because you inspired me so much🤗🫶Have a good time!

I understand how you feel. Your art is incredible and certainly inspired. Sometimes steppinng away is exactly what is needed to feel inspired again. Hoping to see your new gorgeous creations here in the future - if/when you feel like it ❤️

Well I'm still new to Night Cafe and I've loved seeing your designs. Hope you won't stay away too long. 😊🌻

Yeah, you're back! Awesome. Looking forward to more of your creations. And thanks so much for the tip! Always so kind 😊🙌🌷

Hi Adansito, thanks for your sweet post. Yes, sometimes one needs to rest. I wish you all the best. 🥰

Hi Adansito, I'm very happy that you come back. Enjoy the life, be happy with yourself, your achievements. And (in my opinion) competition is not the most important in our lives. I'm here in NC only for pleasure and I get happy when my images are beautiful, but many times I don't publish them as we are all different. I learn that I can't please the others. Thanks 🙏

Totally understand your point. Step back, refresh, find new inspiration, enjoy your art 🎨 ❤️😍

Thank you for all of your amazing works! They were a treasure to see whenever they popped into my feed or if I was notified of them haha. But I do hope you take care of yourself and do what makes you happy! Whether you come back or not, see you soon!

I've loved your creations. Take your time. Rest up. Embrace life.

Farewell brave one. I’ve had the same experience with Instagram after many years and I’m kinda resting up here with NightCafé. All good things need a time of relapse, of dislike for a while. Bon voyage…

Take care @adansito. Hope to see you back but understand completely. ❤️

🌸💮🪷🌹🌺🌻🌼🌷🪻I've been here for just over a month.. You're my motivation! You need a break, recover soon... (((healing hugs)))

A beautiful creation. Thank you for the countless beauty you have given us. Find the one that rekindled your flame. Take care and we'll be waiting for you back!

Rest. If Art ever loved you, she'll come round to inspire you when it's time.

We'll miss you, Adan. No matter what you decide, keep a toe in art. You have a talent.

understand you very well. You have created amazing art and at some point the inspiration is gone and every day you think about, what you could create today to possibly top what came before. This also uses a lot of energy. You are a creativity hero, come back soon (if you like too)!!! However, Ki is also addictive ...

Take care, you will be missed! 💖

I'm really going to miss you...I understand you...take care!!!!

Are you back????...thank you for your lovely tip, but are you back???...

We love you Adan, its okay, this moment always come. I hope you get better soon. I'll miss your amazing images, but I understand, we should always prioriate our self than an Social Media. You are an nice and supportive Pearson, thanks for everything. With love, Kitty💜🥹

I've said it since day one on here, you inspire me so much! Ty for helping me become a better creator. My attention to detail started with taking in your pieces. Hope to see you again soon!

I hope you find your much deserved peace. We will miss you very much. Many look up to you and you have inspired so many (including me 😉) Whether you come back or not, the community loves you and we wish you an amazing break ✨❤️

you'll be missed, your stuff is amazing !

"my lack of inspiration during this week" ... 😉 but, I can say, that's very inspirational! Thank You for sharing!

Although it makes me sad I support your decision and I hope u will find your inspiration and come back with more mind blowing creations (like this one) Take care, stay safe and see you soon!😍

🪙 1

As always, adansito, your works of art are inspiring, and often breath-taking. Remember that health is number one. Take care.

Thank you for the tip, @adansito. Hope all is well.

This is unbelievably beautiful! Now is when you post things without an option for comments. Come back and play with us soon!

You have been an inspiration to myself and I'm sure to many others. I wish you well and I hope that our paths will cross again one day.

I'm scrolling through your images and half of them are already like and I'm like "that was you?!" your images are awesome turns out all of my fav images are yours

Thank you for everything!

I understand your stand on this. We will miss you. If you ever, ever, need inspiration, just ask your followers, or just look at others' work. Everyone gets inspiration block. Just look at others' and think, "How can make this better? How can I make this mine?" We will miss you, farewell.

Sad to see you go. Take care of yourself, the technology will always be around.

All the best and thanks for being an inspiration to all. Will miss seeing your creations. Have a good break!

You should always put you first. Congrats on a job well done. I hope you rediscover your true self.


💖 I hope you are well, do the best thing for you, and if you want to come back it will only be because you feel free to create what you desire... 🦊

So sad to hear this 😢😥😭 You have been a major inspiration for me. Yes, take a break. But Pls consider coming back.

Sorry, this is late... Your creativity is inspiring and I know that your community of followers understands, but will nonetheless miss your creations with your explanations / comments. Please be good to yourself and know that your NiteCafe community supports you. You have given us great enjoyment. Wishing you the best. And, thank you.

Thank you for all your cool creations.

Some so successful and leaving because they see no worth in it... and others we keep trying and trying non-stop and never get there... it is definitely an unbalanced world.

Yes . I hear you. Is good to do this for relax have a good times doing it. But when is taking times from other good things of life Is also good to step away and enjoy other things and come back whenever feels right. So long and thank You for your works of art that inspire us. Pura Vida😉

This is such an awesome idea (the moon, I mean, but the break too, obviously, whenever you need it). I'm on a break from NC myself, just commenting from time to time, not adding anything new. I hope you know you don't owe any of us explanation, but thanks for letting us know nonetheless. Take as much time as you need - creating should relax us, not stress us out. And even if you decide not to go back, you've made so many amazing things that will be admired here for a long time. Best wishes and take care!

We all love you. It does not matter if you come back. You were my best inspiration and I appreciate that. Go on with life. Goodbye and farewell. It has been good to know you.

Adansito... this warms my heart!! I'm not sure if you'll ever see this comment, but if you do, I wish you luck. I was scrolling through the daily challenges and finally. reached the bottom... daily challenge number one. I didn't realize how long you have been on nightcafe, but you have impacted the community so much. I wish you well ❤️

Great 🌙 animation. 😍 Totally understand your decision, mate. I too am taking a little break from creating, mainly just to try and finish Baldur's Gate 3. 😆 Definitely take a break. Switch things up a little, and see you when you come back, inspired with some new ideas! 👍🏻

Replying to: Jay Rah Rod

Thank you for the 🪙, Adansito! 😎👍😁👌🤩✌️

It's ok to feel that this site is becoming an obligation, I was also like that not too long ago but decided to come back after a few weeks. I hope you someday decide to come back but if you don't, I hope you live your life how you want and enjoy 💗if you ever do come back know that I have missed you and will welcome and be happy that you are back.

Absolutely stunning 💜

this is really stunning and realistic. This makes me want to touch it

Wonderful creation.... and the animation worked pretty well

take me to the moon 🙏

wow, gorgeous!

Another work of genius!

Wow, this is so beautiful 😍

Incredible creation and animation 💘💘 the best I've seen so far 🤘

Absolutely stunning 👍👍

Such a beautiful glowing 🌙


So beautiful!🌙

So cool creative work! ⭐✨😍💛💛💛

🪙 1


Superb 👍👍👍

Thankyou for tipping😁

That's amazing. I think there's an eclipse theme going on there.

Muchas gracias por la propina 😊😊



☺️ 👍 👍

Great work !!!

So beautiful



Amazing creation ❤️

🪙 1

You're one of my favorite creators on NC and I've learned so much from you ❤️ I completely understand the need to step away and clear your mind; wishing you all the best @adansito 😊

🪙 1

The animation is awesome great job

Beautiful creation 😍😍😁🤟