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friend or foe?
friend or foe?
13 days ago

friend or foe?

Created 13 days ago · 227 comments· 0 likes·🪙💰💸🤑💵 115

DALL-E 36x


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foe. Absolutely.

13 daysReply
🪙💰💸 10


🪙 1

GORGEOUS! Congratulations.

Thanks for the tip, adansito!


🤍 🔥

Love this pls continue to notify 🙏

Absolutely fantastic 🤩

Thank you very much for the tip!


Thank you for tip ! !

Friend for sure although it might experience some cuteness aggression




Thank you for the tip🤗



love the light here!


awww!! so cute!🤗

Mon chapeau a trois coins, mon chapeau a trois coins, le cheval, le mien mange des cubes d'or, et je m'allonge sur le dos

So cute ❤️

Adorable 🥰

Super cute! One of the best so far 👏

Awww, so cuteeeeeee!<3

It's nobody's friend 😕

So adorable!


So cute!!!!!! <3


Friend..definitly friend

Oh, how cute 😍

Very lovely and beautiful

Adorable 😍😍😍


Is that a stinger? Because it looks like a stinger.


The lighting is ASTOUNDING!

Awww, he is absolutely adorable! 🥰🤍

Hope you won't find out the hard way lil fox buddy 🦊💜

Sweet friend 💕

Awww, so adorable! 💖

Lovely!! Definitely, a foe!

Nice, very cool and well done

Gorgeous 😍

I would like to pet this creature.

Super cute! 🥰

❤️ love the expression ❤️

um. friend!!! It's too cute

🪙 1

Omg! Pounce it now! Figure it out later! 🦊💜

Tellement Mignon j'adore💚💚💚

It's cute because it's chibi. Do you like other art styles too?


i like making horror stuff too, but i usually keep that stuff to myself :)

Replying to: adansito i like making horror stuff too...

Thank you for the tip and also for the 10 credits you sent me before.

Your firefly is perfect! My last attempt looked like beetles!


That’s adorable

Muchas gracias por la propina 😊😊

I love it, it's so cute!

Awww - such a cute guy - I love him 🥰❤

Absolutely stunning and adorable friend.

Great work !!!

FriendlyFly of Foex ?

Adorable ❣🙂 You make the cutest little creations that almost always make me smile, so thank you ❣

Thank you for your kind tip ❣ @adansito

amazing creation! notify me!!!

This is amazing and so cute. 😍 ❣️ 😍

Beautiful,cute stunning work x

Awwwhaha! 🥰❤🤗



Thank you kind sir

This is so Cute!! I wanna pet it!

This is so Cute!! I wanna pet it!

Excellent, super, wonderful work


Beautiful.... the details are amazing!

I don't know if friend or foe, but know it's cute!

so adorable

Definitely a friend! 😍

Your work is always super adorable and amazing!!💞💞💞💗💗💗

Aww, precious as always!☆☆☆☆☆

Friends! I love your adorable creatures. This one looks so cute as he looks at the bug with a puzzled expression.

I have a Pomeranian who is blind as a bat, and yet somehow has an uncanny ability to be right where I’m about to step. She’s my adorable assassin.


Very nice detail of the white bug in front.

Thanks Adan. I used your prompt to to a red fox and it's very pretty.


So very friendly

Adorable! Also, I was wondering if you could do a pug? My friend’s pug died, and I want to draw him a picture. Thank you!

Beautiful and cute

So Cute 🥰

Friend for sure

Friend ❤️ I wanna be notified! ✋️

Excellent work!

Cute fox! And nice firefly.


Love the backlighting in this one! Too cute! 😍

Adorable! Friends for sure!

Really cute one again. I love the little glowing insect in front it's such an adorable detail


Lovely 🤍


Beautiful ❤️

🪙 1

Super cute❤️

Very Beautiful !

Beautiful little sweetie❤️

Soooo cuuuute🥹🥰🔥

Insanely adorable

Oh I hope this fox words out that fireflies are not dangerous!

I'd say friend because the firefly is shing a light to help lite the way, adansito! Unfortunarely, the lil' white fox is still trying to decide...

So cute❣️

aaaaaaaaawwwwww i love this creation


Awwwww! I love this little guy and his nice catch!

awww. love this

friend!!!!!!!!!! ❤

Ma che meraviglia!


Eyewateringly cute!

Well done Adan!

I like the uplighting from the mosquito.

This is so cute!