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☆~The Ghost Ship~☆ - Coherent w/fancy Upscale
☆~The Ghost Ship~☆ - Coherent w/fancy Upscale
2 years ago

☆~The Ghost Ship~☆ - Coherent w/fancy Upscale

Created 2 years ago · 125 comments· 0 likes·🪙💰💸 27



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This color will never get old

2 yearsReply
Replying to: Skyeithse No one uses it lol

No one can get a hold of it lol. Ive tried and i got a disturbing green forest


No one uses it lol

look at my starter image

Replying to: Skyeithse look at my starter image

Well i 'usually' wouldnt take someones logo

I might have a way around that ...

My newest photo was just for u! Check the starter

Replying to: Skyeithse My newest photo was just for u...

Not sure which one it is because i left to have lunch but liking the new ones a lot

Replying to: Skyeithse No one uses it lol

Really? Hmm, I might take a crack at making my own evolution of it, if that's okay with you? Cheers!

this better than a lot of creations that get 1,000 likes

wow, this one has a chance of moving to top all time!

only took 9 months to comment lol

When Aivazovsky reboots the Matrix

I can feel the oil paint texture from looking at this :D

I love when it makes a decent ship! Most of the time it doesn’t give a ship 😂

I havent had that happen yet

Replying to: Skyeithse I havent had that happen yet

I got one good pirate ship out of it but I had to tell it “jolly pirates”

Beautiful! 🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩

Love the green color of your works!

I got tried of not seeing my fav color on any photos sooooo

🪙 1

I'm in awe!

Such an awesome green

amazing. 24 credits 🤑

Really nice pop of colour- good use of the starting image! Looks epic

The colors of my soul. Would be nice to have a ship in there, too, but can't get everything you want...

This looks ominous and I love it!

That colour is striking

THIS is absolutely amazing!

I like this, makes you want to go in the ocean, but also stay away from the ocean lol.


I dig this so much 🖤🖤🖤. There's this favorite band I love so much called Type-O-Negative. Their cover album kinda looks like that.

I have a challenge to anybody reading this; spread love not hate, today is the day to do something great, say something nice to five new people a day, and something great will come your way!

WOW!!! That is amazing you should check out my stuff

thats a lot of prompts there

I think I’ll evolve this one first 🎖

Replying to: Skyeithse did u ?

I did awhile ago. It was samurai kneeling on a mound of bodies

Looks like a Poison Ocean ♥

lovely, thanks for open! :D

Sensational, awesome art! 🎨🤌

So cool creation! 💚❣️

Magnifique 😍 suivi !!!

The colour just drew me in, very well done!

Wow. I can't get over how beautiful this is

Black, yet green.

Creepy, yet home-y.

Scary, yet beautiful.

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☆~The Ghost Ship~☆ - Coherent w/fancy Upscale

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"A ghost ship, sailing through luminous backlit Green clouds, high resolution detailed digital art, painting by James Gurney, & Greg Rutkowski. Mysterious stygian seascape by Ivan Aivazovsky made with Blender, old boat with broken sails & rigging"


"Green Seascape vista photography by Carr Clifton & Galen Rowell, 16K resolution, Landscape veduta photo by Dustin Lefevre & tdraw, 8k resolution, detailed green landscape painting by Ivan Shishkin, DeviantArt, Flickr, rendered in Enscape"


"Misty Green ocean seascape at night, with tumultuous waves, in a deep ominous Green fog, famous intricate inky watercolour, by Ivan Aivazovsky and Shawn Coss, rendered in Enscape, photo by Dustin Lefevre, oil on canvas by Dan Witz"


"Elaborate glowing neon green, old desolate pirate wooden sailboat, by Gustave Dore and Anton Semenov, rendered in CryEngine, 8k resolution, volumetric lighting, acrylic art, cel-shaded digital illustration, by Dan Mumford, shipwrecked"


"A beautifully Green composed render of a Colossal Ocean Maelstrom by Caspar David Friedrich"


"A Green Immense Turbulent Ocean Hurricane Maelstrom Tsunami Whirlpool detailed painting 8k resolution deviantart trending on Artstation concept art digital illustration romanticism expressionism"


"eyes, face, figure, hair, human, man, people, person, skin, woman"


"blown contrast, blur, blurry, bokeh, dirty, noisy, oversharpened, paint flecks, scratches, text, too dark, too sharp, unclear, underexposed, undeveloped, watermark"




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