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Quiet Joy
Quiet Joy
18 days ago

Quiet Joy

Created 18 days ago · 96 comments· 0 likes

DALL-E 3Creative


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I can hear the birds tweeting in the trees - cheers Arc

18 daysReply

Thanks - much appreciated


I love itttt 😍😍😍😍

🪙💰 5

Very nice!🌹

So calming.

Wow! It's just amazing! 🤩

🪙 1

Gorgeous greens

What an enchanting image! I wish I was there!

Beautiful and tranquil

😍❤️🥰🤗 I want to go there! 😍

The colours! 😍💚

Beautiful. My dream environment.

Beautiful creation 💚💚

Excellent, super, wonderful work

Sometimes the more easy ones are the best - wonderfull creation 🤗

Wow! The death of Humour (thankfully temporary), has led you to some really outstanding visual Art! 💯❤️❤️😻🤯

Very beautiful, talentedly done. Emotional!

A truly lovely scene.... (I wish that the woman in the foreground did not have such strange legs, though!)

Great! Get well soon! 👼

Beautiful scene. Nicely done!

Thanks for the credit 😻

Very comfortable color

good work ! felicitations

A stress relief place to cool off. nice one.

Absolutely beautiful!! Great work!!!

lovely as usual Mormookie

Beautiful scene ❤️

My family had a gold claim in Plumas National Forest. On it was a spring. If that water was any colder it would have been ice. We used to put things in a walled-off portion of the spring to keep them cold.

It looked like this.

Hope YOU are finding quiet joy!

Sehr schön

I’ve got the forest all around, but not the isolation or creek. Hmmn, my neighbors might disapprove if I tried to create either. Oh well, great work!

My mosquito alert is tuned up to 11.

certainly helps to balance both heart and mind, kudos

Such a lovely place to chill out!!

fits me so much, this quiet joy...

I would live there! 🥰💚

beautiful place and peaceful

A beautiful place where to relax 💚


Now that's my kind of place.

Beautiful realistic lifelike green calm🤩 landscape

Wonderful creation. I'd love to have a little place like that of my own.

Delightful place!💖

Beautiful. So serene

This is stunning.

Stunning view... i prefer the first, with a clearer background

Beautiful creation!

Oh, I wish I could visit there! It looks so peaceful and healing.

This is what worries my feelings! Beauty! All my sublime delights, I hope they will please your heart!) and maybe you will have a period to appreciate my Masterpieces) Welcome!)

This is what worries my feelings! Beauty! All my sublime delights, I hope they will please your heart!) and maybe you will have a period to appreciate my Masterpieces) Welcome!)

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Quiet Joy

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Quiet Joy



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"Quiet Joy"


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An image encapsulating the serenity and peace associated with quiet joy. A quaint wooden cottage nestled adorably in the middle of a lush, green forest, seemingly untouched by human hands. A soft stream flows peacefully nearby, the melodious sounds it generates contributing to the tranquility. Dappled sunlight filters through the emerald green leaves, setting the scene aglow. A lingering fog provides an ethereal touch. In the foreground, a person of Caucasian descent, perhaps a woman, is seen embracing the peace of this secluded sanctuary, a quietly joyful expression on her face.




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