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DALL-E 3Creative


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How about A Nightmare On Elm Tree?

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馃獧 3

So huggable. Oh, wait.

Now thats a prog rock band


Why isn't he drinking Porcupinetea under the Porcupinetree 馃槙 馃ぃ

This is absolutely adorable馃槏 And as a fan of a band that goes by the same name, this totally made my day 馃榿

馃獧馃挵馃捀 10

So Cute!

馃獧馃挵 5

Sweet porcupine! Great job!! 馃憦馃憦

Thank you so much for your tip!!

Awww, what a cute lil' feller!

Thank you so much for your lovely tip!!!

That鈥檚 fantastic 馃榿

aw! This is so cute 馃槏

The creation is fantastic, but the title is a bit of a groaner! Please, keep up the good works!

Darling ! Adorbs 馃槏

I'm waiting for my English cousin!!

Yes!!! 馃挴馃檶馃槅馃き馃お馃槏馃敟馃槣馃ぉ馃ぉ馃ぉ

sooooooooooooooo cuteeeeee


He doesn鈥檛 look prickly!

The prompts for DALL-E 3 often get revised by an AI before they get turned into images. The revised prompt for this image includes "The porcupine has expressive eyes and a soft fur texture." Which explains why it's not a typical porcupine...


Well, he's certainly the friendliest porcupine I ever saw. Just as a matter of unrelated (sorta) information, there was (not sure if they're still together) a great band from the UK called "Porcupine Tree" I used to love their work cause it was so creative and wild. And unrelentingly great musicianship--didn't always love their singing, or lyrics, but they were always 100% real. On another note: How are you ? I hope you're well.

Bellissime e dolci creazioni

That sound! What is that? SERENITY

Wonder who stings the most....

I always look forward to your creations!

adorable, je peux venir me frotter 脿 toi ?

Ticking one off my list of puns to give you

Adorable, as always cute little animal creations that I adore !

I get his point!馃構馃憤

Such a cuttie

Excellent, wonderful, magnificent work

Awesome 馃ぉ馃ぉ馃ぉ

so cute!! 鉂わ笍beautiful work !

Purrrrfect One, Mormookiee! Wow. <3

I'd love to blaze pine cones with this guy.

aww, scratching tree, great image/pun

So adorable 馃グ馃グ

Cute and huggable!

This is an incredible image, wow! 馃槃

If he wasn鈥檛 so poky, I give him a big hug! Well done, I love it!


Enjoying the vitamins derived from early sunrise

well dang that's all we got. can we keep it?


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Upscale Prompt

An adorable closeup CGI cartoon porcupine under a pine tree



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"An adorable closeup CGI cartoon porcupine under a pine tree"


DALL路E 3 Revised Prompt

Generate a close-up image of an adorable CGI cartoon porcupine situated under a pine tree. The porcupine has expressive eyes and a soft fur texture. It's sitting quietly, enjoying the cool shade provided by the pine tree. The pine tree itself is tall and intimidating with dense, dark green needles scattered all over its branches. The scene projects a sense of tranquility and contentment.




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