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Obi-Wan Bon Jovi
Obi-Wan Bon Jovi
a month ago

Obi-Wan Bon Jovi

Created a month ago · 263 comments· 0 likes·🪙💰💸🤑 56

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Not pictured: his Padawah-wah pedal.

a monthReply

...Ani used to work on the dock!!!..


Techno-Union's battle strike He's down on his luck, it's tough, so tough

Replying to: Wolfofborg **Techno-Union's battle strike...


"I find the lack of sound disturbing" Good job looks cool

Looks and feels so alive and realistic.


Thanks so much!

omgp soooo amazing


🤘🤘🤘 Thank you!!

This is iconic

Imagine the sound, eh?


many ways cool


He's fantastic 🤩

You picked a great one to animate! Awesome!

Awesome. Who recommended you use the video generator???

How to fix the character and make background move only?

Unfortunately, at this time, you get no choice. It just gives you what it does. Mine turn out so so. Half the time I like them, the other half I groan.

This is fantastic

Brilliant! 😄

"I wanna be just as close as the living force is, and lay you down, on a bed of roses!"

🪙 1

музыка огня!!

i can almost hear it. so cool

Woo hyper art!!


Yes, on all the levels! I wish the animator was a bit more reliable with how it animates background. Moving backround is what I look for most of the time I try to make one with a character, but it tends to do the "zoomie-move-image" instead most of the time. Great image and great animation!

lol nice, cool guitar

LOL!!!!!! this is too good again lol

Awesome image, and the lyrics to one of his songs fit so well here:

I'm goin' down in a blaze of glory Take me now but know the truth I'm goin' down in a blaze of glory

Strong work...great!

Wow, so well done artwork !

So many thanks for your tip.

Should be titled young obi wan bon jovi. You should make a classic obi wan Bon Jovi version. Well done.

he looks like leonardo dicaprio in some of them

hey that's cheating using the force to get a perfect animation

🪙 1



That's cool! Nice animation!

So cool Momoo! You rock!

beautiful image and animation

Brilliant, works very well with that animation!


LOL 🎸 😄

Rock on 😃

cool nive idea Moormokie

Good, as always.

That’s cool 😎

You finally did it - I actually laughed out loud on this one!! Well done, sir! ⭐

Haha 🤭😅. Great idea!

🪙 1


Thanks, my friend.

Replying to: Mormookiee Thanks, my friend.

Youre welcome


That's cool!

Genious wordplay, result is realistic and cool 🥰

Yess ! It's only Rock & Roll

Superb hahahaha i love it 😂😂😂😂😂

Thankyou for the tip 😀😀😀

Cool animation

Gracias, mi amigo.

Hahaha the animation came out perfectly, gorgeous job!


Wow nice

Replying to: Mormookiee 😃

(⁠◠⁠‿⁠・⁠)⁠—⁠☆thanks for the tip


This is such great work, wow! :-)

Genius!!! 🤩

Thanks, my friend.

LOL!! You are so creative! 😀 Obi-Wan Bon Jovi! Haha!! Cool Ani!

"Awww, General Bon Jovi."

Somebody had fun with this! 😄 Good choice, too: this looks awesome!

Thanks so much, SF

🤣 👏 👏 👏 ⭐

This isn't the guitar you're looking for!!

...and he STILL has the high ground. 😉 Nice one!

This is epicccccc!

may the rock be with you.

"It's over Anakin, I have the highest score!" Awesome bro!

Much appreciated!

Replying to: Mormookiee Much appreciated!

As are you!🙃

Replying to: Mormookiee lolololol

Glad your back. Was a bit weird yesterday not seeing your comments? I hope all is well.🙏

"Cause I'm a Master, With a lightsaber I fight. I'm "Wan"-ted, (wanted!), Cause I'm a Jedi!" 👍👍👍 Im sorry for the cheesiness! Love this though, very detailed and cool 😎 ❤️

Bwahahaha. Love it!

Wow! That's clever and cool, Mormookiee!

🤣🤣🤣 this is awesome

Haha brilliant , I want your mind lol 😂👌🏼

Replying to: Mormookiee Aww, thank you!

Nooo , Thank you very much ! 💐

That guitarist is on fire!

Riffs that will literally melt your face off! I love it!

Wow! It's amazing! Well done!

Fabulous ! I love it !

Very nice animation

This made me smile, love it!

I liked the 1st the most. Awsome

The Force is Strong with this one - rock on!

Kind of looks like Conor McGregor UFC fighter!!!

𝐼 𝐿𝑂𝑉𝐸 𝑇𝐻𝐼𝑆! 👀❤️‍🔥

Oh my goodness, all of them are fantastic, well, they definitely struck a chord with me! 😄 Brilliant as always!

Oh, he definitely has the high ground. And now the high sound.

Now that’s a concert I’d love to attend 🤩

LMAO 😄 really Wonderful

I have a fun feeling about this.

Do you like that better, or Obi-Bon Kenjovi?

The animation is nice. And of course, so is the initial picture. 😉

The animation looks great on this! If you click through the images fast enough it looks like he’s really rocking, sort of like those old flip cartoon books. I have a sleeping cat on my lap, which explains my previous sentence.

This is hilarious! I can't imagine a Jedi playing serious electric guitar, totally picture calm folk style. Well done!

That turned out fantastic! The Force is with you!

Don't stop me now 🎶🎵🎶👍

Brilliant again 👍👍👍👍👍👍🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩😍😍😍😍😍

This is really cool! Nice animation!

Ah ah ah. Great!!!

Der Fender of freedom strikes a chord!

haha great title and pic !

Wanted, dead or aliiiiiive