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“Good morning! I lava you!”
“Good morning! I lava you!”
21 days ago

“Good morning! I lava you!”

Created 24 days ago · 192 comments· 0 likes



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I lava you as well!

21 daysReply


🪙💰💸 10

3rd like. I lava you too 💖🫂

Replying to: Nicole4Jesus Aww! Dear friend. You are too...

Vulcanology. Now there's a word I don't hear often. Llava your creation.

Replying to: Mormookiee 🔥🔥🔥

Aww! Dear friend. You are too kind! Fun fact, I absolutely love Geology and everything that goes with it. Vulcanology, plate tectonics, erosion, water cycle, you name it. Huggs

I lava you too!


I lava you too!❤️ Morning!

❤😃👍💡 Oh yes; superb animation

Awesome! Good morning Momoo! 💘

So funny ! A lot of lava for you !

😇🐰Nice one!🦆🐤🐰😇

soooo nice!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This is so cute and wonderful!

Beautiful use of animation! I always love waking up to your latest!

wow! even the animation loop is good. Well play

Absolutely magma-nificent!

Lovely idea Mormookiee! :😍

Brilliant! This made me laugh 😅👌🏻

So much lava comin’ at ya

Omg! This is freakin' adorable 😍

Good morning to you!

Too cute, love it!!

has anyone told him he looks like a bad yolk ? 😄

Lovely, funny, cute and adorable 🫶

😍😍😍❤❤❤Good morning!I lava you too!!!🤣🤣🤣

Another good and beautiful one!

Such an incredible creation, amazing work! Wow! :-)

Well, blow me down! I lava you tooah! WHO could resist? Love this and as always, and, importantly, your wonderful sense of humour. Well done M! x

Hahaha, lava you right back!

Lava you and your work man 💖

Lol! Thank you for putting a smile on my face. Adorable with the animation!

hilarious 👏👏👏

🤣 I really lava your jokes!!! Blessings for you! 😍

Awww 😊♥️👍

Wow, your creation is really so beautiful ! It's a wonderful artwork !

We all lava ya back!

Awwww happy volcano….. I once made a happy coconut

Good Morning. Magma Force Be With You!

This was a pleasant thing to wake up to 😘

Lava you too funny one😁

Omg, this is great! 😁👍

🎵I lavaaaaaaaaaaaa youuuuuuuuuuuuu🎵 (Pixar short)

Awesome, lavable creation

Lovely laughing lava and cute animation

Top! 😍🤩🤣🤣🤣

Very cute! Have a great weekend!

This is so adorable!

Ditto, Mormookiee! How amusing can you get? This is amazing especially since I'm not all that crazy for tis New Video creations... 🤔 🙃 🙏 ❤️


I absolutely lava you as well.

So wonderful, I love all your work!😍👁‍🗨🎵🎵

I lava your creation! She is very funny!

ROFL another great PUN

Wow! I lava you too, Mormookiee and Night Cafe! What a happy volcano you've created with this eggyolk happyface emoji! Just the thing to encounter first thing in the morning! <3

Cute! (Makes me think of the Lava song from Disney)

Red hot Lava Right back at ya!

this is adorable

aww this is so adorable 😍

I lava this ❤️

This is so friggen cute x3

I think this is one of the best you've ever done!

I'm into geology, interesting take on volcanoes.

Very good job! well done!

Haha my favourite animated one so far!

Very good job! well done!

thank you ... this is great!

This animation works wonderfully well done

I lava this so much!!!!!!!

I don't know what to say. Very cheerful!

Excellent !!! 😃

Wow. What an explosion 💥

I lava you too ❤️ 💖 😘 💛 💓 this is awesome!!!

I lava you too! :D

Good pun! Though the Balinese get a bit uptight about Sacred Mount Agung when it blows off steam, magma etc…

Absolutely wonderful 😄

Amazing Superb Fantabulous

Hahsheeeheee 😆

Ohhhh this is a happy volcano

So very adorable!

This is so happy! Great work!

The moment I saw this, I said to myself, "Mormookiee." I clicked it to see a closer view and sure enough, I was right. You create so many clever cute images!

Sorry to erupt your conversation, but you look lavaly today. Be magmine

you should try don't hamstare

Wow, that turned out splendid!

lava you too... So funny !

👀😂😊unbelievable 😂😊👀

Did. . . Did The lava monster just die?

Brilliant! Lava it!

This one made me giggle lol So cute!

LOVE THIS SO MUCH!! Sending so much LAVA!!!

I lava lava lava you too!

A good dad is not funny, it just wastes your time. well done 😄

היא חמודה בהחלט

very nice and funny. I love it

Right back at you, Mormookiee

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“Good morning! I lava you!”

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A cheery, captivating computer-generated image of a volcano overflowing with bubbling lava. The volcano carries a lively grin on its face as though it is laughing heartily. Around this vivacious volcano, an ocean calmly stretches out, providing a dramatically contrasting serene setting to the volcano's explosive display.




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