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A death to humor (hopefully only temporary!)
A death to humor (hopefully only temporary!)
19 days ago

A death to humor (hopefully only temporary!)

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DALL-E 3Creative


This latest spell of anxiety and depression has really been hard for me. Perhaps the saddest part has been the death of my sense of humor (hopefully only temporary). I'm praying and trying to do everything I can to get it back, but the old punny bone isn't working very well right now. Here's to staying hopeful for brighter mental health days ahead.

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We’re all with you in spirit, and take what strength you can from how much your work is appreciated here. πŸ’•

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I 2nd what Pretty in Pink has said!

Here here! πŸŽ—οΈ

Oh I'm so sorry to hear that! Take your time and do what you need to do for yourself. I admire your work and know that even if you create from a darker (less funny) place it will be great.

Rx: 40 minutes of Monty Python 3 times a day.

I'm British and Monty Python is not funny at all πŸ˜…

Replying to: Notable Notion I'm British and Monty Python i...

I'm Canadian, that could explain it...πŸ™‚

Sorry to hear, Mormookiee. As a longtime veteran of the wordplay challenges, you are def. one of the bright spots on NC!

I'm cheering for you, friend! Your art is great. I really like these ones too, everyone loses their humor occasionally and you can make it through! 🀩

take all the time you need Mormookiee, we will be here supporting you when you decide to come back ❀️

Mormookiee Fanpire's got your back...

Hoping to see that arm erupt from the ground in your next piece!

May the light of stars guide you to peace through the dark void. As someone who is chronically depressed, I will pray you to find yourself again and shine brighter than before.

Stay strong! We are here to support you! 😊

Ok, time for REALLY black humour. Sorry if you've heard this (its SMBC).

Why do dads tell these awful dad jokes? Because they're dad inside!

Hope that helps. And doesn't make it all worse πŸ˜•


Love it

A chuckle for you if you have not seen it before.

Replying to: Hotwire 🀣!!!

Thanks! πŸ˜ƒ

You're in my prayers, to feel better soon and for whatever has gotten you down to be okay very soon.

Your artwork is great and brings joy for many folks. Please remember that.

I can appreciate this "death of humor" tombstone very much.

Be sure to get some rest. The next great pun is only a cynical thought away. Sometimes dark humor is the best offset for what frustrates me. Just keep in mind that there’s dawn without a night. Just know that you’re not alone.

We have one that says 'Brain' in the nearby cemetery. I laugh every time.

The old punny bone is pushing up daisies...?

It's ok, no one can be in a humorous mood all the time. Take care of yourself, that's the most important.

I’m so sorry to hear that. But if it helps, you’re not alone and you’ve got us!

My dear Sir, simply look at this image and realize you still have it

I second this! πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒ


The First Law of Thermodynamics states that energy cannot be created or destroyed; it can only be converted from one form to another. Your punny bone will always be strong and intact, it may be shaded by a passing cloud now and then, but it always re-emerges - we all look forward to the clouds parting and being regaled in a manner as only you can - cheers Arc

Please don't go through this alone. Get professional help if you need it.

πŸ‘€ 𝐼 𝐿𝑂𝑉𝐸 𝑇𝐻𝐼𝑆 ❀️‍πŸ”₯ α—―OΖΖŠΖα’Ζ‘π“€ΤΌ! Wow! πŸ‘€ HILLARIOUS

(Psalm 23:4) 4Β Though I walk in the valley of deep shadow, I fear no harm, For you are with me; Your rod and your staff reassure me. ↗️

I'm sorry to hear that! Hope you start to feel better soon 😊

Dark, but well don Hope you feel better soon. I love your art so much.

"Death is something that happens to other people"

Right there with you Mr. M.!

Sending good thoughts your way, as well as praying for you. You are not alone in what you're going through, even though it might feel that way. I'm so sorry you're dealing with it all - you absolutely do not deserve it.


Praying along with you, it’s not a fun place to be. πŸ™β€οΈπŸ™

I'm sorry, get better Mormookiee!

Just take care of yourself, we will be here when you feel good and want to come back. A big hug to you!!!

Sending lots of hugs your way. πŸ’–

I truly hope everything gets better soon. Please, Take care of yourself ❀️ You are well loved here! πŸ€—

Sending ❀️

Wishing you well Marmookiee we are all here for you , look after yourself my friend. Your creations are awesome

"And on the Seventh day he rested from his creation" Even the one who answers prayers takes a rest. Rest comfortably and fully, Life understands

Ooof, my condolences, buddy. hope you pull through

Hugs, my friend. You have a lot of folks out here who care about you.

Ha ha ha you got that right buddy!!

Sorry you're going through this! In my experience, it might take a while, but one day something will happen that will either make you smile or laugh or both! Big hug πŸ€—πŸ’•

Just like a spring, humor comes from inside. It never dies, but sometimes seems low on flow. Maybe you should let the other side out for a while and see what happens. I'm sure humor will break through shortly. Have a break, have a tic-tac, you deserve itπŸ€—

maybe you have spring fever or a storm cloud in your mental state hopefully you get better soon hoping for sunny days

I've experienced such events and still encounter that debilitating fatigue and "blah-ness". Some days brushing my teeth alone felt like a victory. It seems our systems know when we are overwhelmed and need to be still and rest... nevertheless, everything tells us being still and lazy and wrong. Take heart. Your awareness and creativity will entreat your humor to return. I suggest googling Chas Addams and pursuing his old cartoon.... very dark AND very funny. Namaste....

Been there. It comes and goes. When it’s here, I can’t remember feeling any other way. Hang in there πŸ’ͺ🏼

You can't always be at your top. But you can sure try. Here's to being there, for you! πŸ‘ The best you can do.

Oh..nooo...hope better soon!!

Read the song lyrics in the description, please.

Take all the time you need. Sending hugs

Take your rest and time 🌼🌼


Du bist so stark und verarbeitest das in den Bildern. KreativitΓ€t und Musik haben mir einmal sehr im Leben geholfen. Nur Mut, Du bist schon gut auf Deinem Weg. Und Du bist nicht allein.πŸ˜‰πŸ’žπŸ––

Du bist so stark und verarbeitest das in den Bildern. KreativitΓ€t und Musik haben mir einmal sehr im Leben geholfen. Nur Mut, Du bist schon gut auf Deinem Weg. Und Du bist nicht allein.πŸ˜‰πŸ’žπŸ––

I feel the depression part all the way. Hugs

Sad, but I heard that there are some labs that have frozen embryos with good cynical humor

with you in spirit and thought. Stay strong through this storm. β™₯


And to think, poor old Hugh Moore spent his life trying to teach people how to spell proper . . . 😁

I'm sorry you're going through so much right now! I empathize a lot with how you feel, I deal with those kinds of feelings myself. You take care of you, and we'll all be here ready to welcome you back whenever you're ready and up for it!

Oh my. I'm so sorry to hear that. I hope a brighter dawn will greet you and that the hard times will soon pass. You are not alone.

Praying for you, friend. Remember, the dark days are temporary, but hope is forever. 😊


You can always stop for a while! Thats okay if it makes you feel better! Were with you❀️

I'm sorry to read how you're feeling right now. And I cheer you for sharing: may it give you some solace.

Sending you a hug from Europe. Take all the time you need to get better πŸ’—. Hoping to see your great humor coming back here. I will wait and think of you in the meantime 😍

Oh, I love this image, made me laugh thank you πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒ I reckon I need this on a mug or Tshirt! πŸ˜‰

Not quite gone; your art proves it. Even when humor turns dark, it helps us see the absurd and laugh a little at what is around us. I find hope in that.


Death -- it's no joke!

Things will get better!!

Let sometimes a little thing hearing from you , i've so much friends lost .

I understand... it's hard to keep your sense of humor in this day and age, and I hope we can find it again soon. Good luck to all of us who have lost it just a little, as we await the return of rosier days. 🌹

We all have those Highs and Lows, it's part of Life... Hopefully, with your Kindness, Sense of fun to please others is the storage for a renewed well being, take care ❀️

A very true statement in today's culture.

Take care Mormookiee! It will get better soon, as it always does

"There is hope even when your brain tells you there isn't". Take your time to heal Mormookie, we're all here supporting you!

I have enjoyed many of your great and punny works. Prayers that your sense of humor returns, and, in any case, we are all here for you.

Perhaps do one where your humor is just on vacation?

hugs Praying for you! 🌹❀️

Job 8:21 Till he fill thy mouth with laughing and thy lips with rejoicing.πŸ’–

Ecclesiastes 3:4 A time to weep and a time to laugh, a time to mourn and a time to dance.πŸ’•

You have ‼️ humor

Can't kill something that lives in all of us, but I know depression, etc., can slow it down. Please, please get help. (If you haven't already, of course,) It can take a while, so in the meantime, know that we all want you back at FULL HUMOR INDUSTRY STRENGTH! Rapunzel needs a haircut, and only you can do it! Strength, Brother!

We are here not for creations, but for creators! Take all the time you need Mormookiee! My best wishes from the bottom of my heart!!!

Hang in there! May the stars be with you.

I'm so sad for you. I hope you'll find a solution to heal your inner injuries. Furthermore, I feel a lot a compassion for you.

I really hope the homour returns. I know a huge red flag for me is when my sense of humor disappears .. if you ever need to chat. Reach out, we seem to be in a similar state of mind!!

Depression is a liar my friend, it will tell you all sorts of lies, please do not listen (8 good luck, a fellow in a similar boat

P.S You are not alone and it's ok not to be ok, take care

Your humor is not dead, it’s just taking a nap πŸ€— best wishes for better days

Ooh, so sorry. I wish you could experience the joy that your work brings to so many of us. Please reach out to off-line friendly people (and pets) to get some hugs, cuddles, and support. Experiencing the outdoors (not through windows) helps. Unfiltered sunrises, daylight, sunsets, nature, are powerful healers too. We're here for you too, of course.

Haha humor not dead!

DesconexiΓ³n y Charlot en vena.

sempre avanti brother, you are loved...

We need to now, so needs it.

πŸ«‚ πŸ«‚ πŸ«‚ this is where I live, and it’s a hard place to be. I hope things improve! It’s okay if you’re struggling to find the punny. I’m sure it’ll come back with time. Take care of yourself πŸ’—

Hey, humor died a long time ago with George Carlin.

I am always afraid to say something and end up making things worse... But you can try using dead jokes, instead. Got it? D(e)ad jokes?

Sad to hear that! Take a break! Come back when you feel ready and at your own pace!

You haven't lost it yet! Dark humor alive and well! But deepening depression does temporarily sap our joy. I'm thinking of you and sending you my prayers that you'll soon be guffawing with glee!

And even these images are amazing! Such attention to detail! πŸ‘

Love it. FUNERAL # spells real fun


Praying for you, M.

I'm sorry about what you are having to you through... let's hope that Humor resurrects!

Perhaps a little black humour might help...πŸ–€πŸ©ΆπŸ€

Feeling for you πŸ’“

I'm with them. I'll try to make you laugh- I'm watching my son's girlfriends kids and she took him to Applebee's. I hope they get indigestion! I'll be praying for you Mormookiee. The world needs your funny bone.

oh no.... Humor is gone... sound like a bad joke...

Hope this makes you smile. Sending hugs.

black humor is like having legs, you either have legs or you dont

Wow, this is deep. So true. Glad there is some of us left. :)

Hang in there friend! You have our support ❀️❀️❀️

You have the luck to express those sad feelings... Keep the pressure, don't cut your left ear, everything is normal. You laugh and cry, you're alive ! "Je pense, donc je suis...", RenΓ© Descartes

I know where you are coming from. My Grandfather left me only one thing, and that was his grump. I just turn 60, and have finally turned to a therapist to help me out. Before I started therapy, my grump would come and go for particular reason. I always knew when it was coming, but couldn't stop it. I would basically shut down. Now they have me on meds so that doesn't happen any more. And I am also working on the explosive temper. Like everybody else said, we are here for you.

Take care Mormookiee

It's either what you've said, or humor may instead already be a longtime dead. The stench is all around and seeping up through the graveyard ground. It's trying to be resurrected, but I think maybe, unless corrected, humor should be exhumed and dissected. We’ve got to know exactly how it died all along, or let Trump go to jail for nothing wrong.

Your images uplift so many including myself. Humour will always be part of you - sometimes it will be more near - sometimes it will be more remote - even if it feels like 6 feet under, it will easily resurface, as it's evident even in the misspelling on the tombstone (just kidding - US vs UK/CND spelling). πŸ˜‰ Thanks for all the smiles you bring! Take care!

Perhaps you are being hard on yourself. step back a little and go at it again. ( I do this often) Your creativity and HUMOR is still there, and among the best. Give it some time, your many fans ( and jealous) followers' ( ME ) pray you will continue. πŸ™πŸ˜πŸ₯°

I will pray for you, depression and anxiety are something I deal with as well which is why I always enjoy your sense of humor as it brightens my day. I hope you feel better.

Perfect example of "deadpan" humor. πŸ₯

I'm so sorry! I love your creations and challenges, they always make me smile, either with their jokes or beauty. I hope you can get through this hard chapter of your life easily enough. Remember that you aren't alone, and that there are so many people out there that love and care about you. Keep on being awesome! (Also, I'd say your sense of humor isn't all gone. When I first saw this (without the caption), it made me smile. (Sorry if that was insensitive or rude.)) (And here's some signs of love.)β€οΈβ€οΈβ€οΈπŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’– πŸ’žπŸ’žπŸ’ž

We love you here in night cafe and will be here when you are feeling better

We love you here in night cafe and will be here when you are feeling better

I know the feeling all too well. I will keep you in my prayers.

"Je pense, donc je suis...", RenΓ© Descartes

I love the graveyard theme. I've always been into bad humor, and this suits me perfectly. I love the three trees on the right, and the little grass groups suit the pic awesomely. I like the grey sky, it's like in an actual graveyard! The little "humor" thing is what makes this AI picture so funny. I love this picture, and many will too. Continue doing such amazing work, Mormookiee!

You've been such a source of joy for so many. We all appreciate your efforts here so much. I pray you come through to the other side very soon. You're doing the best thing - praying and trusting in God. He will never leave you nor forsake you. He always knows what He's doing even if we can't see it πŸ˜„πŸ’–

sending prayers, love, and hugs your way. please don't hesitate to reach out if you ever need anything, even just a chat. Much love.<3

Keep the faith my friend, and you will be back in the swing of things before you can Jack Robinson! provides the following explanation: This expression originated in the 1700s, but the identity of Jack Robinson has been lost. Grose's Classical Dictionary (1785) said he was a man who paid such brief visits to acquaintances that there was scarcely time to announce his arrival before he had departed, but it gives no further documentation.

Hi friend. Real person here with a real life and history. I just wanted to say that I will hold you in my heart from the other side of the country - know that some stranger (ok, seriously THOUSANDS UPON THOUSANDS of strangers) care about your wellbeing sincerely. It's a rare gift to create anything that shows enough of your spirit that people feel like they know you and love you. You certainly have that gift. Be well. 🀍

Sorry to hear. Praying you find comfort and peace. And joy. Your work is adored by so many.

All you need is a rest so that part can 'cool down' recuperate and 'recharge'. I go through the same kinds of times and would venture to say that many if not everyone here can Wholly and Genuinely sympathize with you. Yeah, it's not an easy time, it's annoying and frustrating, but it's part of being Human so just take a deep breath, allow yourself to BE Human, and just do small things aas-and-when the mood/muse and motivation pop-in. Creators/Creatives...we all push ourselves too hard, too far and endup face-first into a concrete wall like Wil E. Coyote at times, right? Give this a read. It's quick-paced and only 10K words and might give you a Lift. You'll find the download link here, no tricks, no paywall. Just grab it and I hope you enjoy it. If you like Cats and Dogs, you most likely will...that's all I'm saying. to keep 'Spoiler-Control'. ↗️

Mormookie i hopw you know how much u and your art work is appreciated and loved. I hope you feel better soon and know that we will always support you. ❀️

Hang in there! We all have those days, my friend! πŸ’‹β™₯️

You nailed that one.

better to bury dominating aggression

so good, art is therapy <3

I'm so sorry, my friend. Do whatever you need to take care of yourself. You are not alone. So many of us understand what you are feeling. I wish you well. You are very loved.

aint that the truth with these woke idiots