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“I’m not a baaaad driver.”
“I’m not a baaaad driver.”
19 days ago

“I’m not a baaaad driver.”

Created 19 days ago · 129 comments· 0 likes

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He'll feel pretty sheepish when he realizes he's in the wrong lane.

19 daysReply

or in the UK

Well spotted! Or he is on a pickup looking backwards?

Replying to: dnd-world-com or in the UK

Not the UK...look at the traffic behind him.

Replying to: dnd-world-com or in the UK

If you get lost, just hang a ewe-turn and head the other direction!

This is the police. Wool over!

I guess you don’t want your passenger to pull the wool over your eyes?

Do you have a grazing license, please?!

This is an amazing image!! But, I beg to differ on the driving skills. The car behind them on their side of the yellow has taillights showing and the car on the opposite side of the yellow has headlights showing.

I just hope a big badged wolf comes to pull them over before they cause an accident

I thought I was only one noticing that one!

Ha, ha, ha...Image for good Mood, Mormookiee!!! 😄 😄 😄

🤣 that is so cute!

So you think l hope its true lol

Freakin' ADORABLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hehe, funny and cute 😍

I hope no other drivers count him.

Is he driving a LAMBorghini?


Not so bada at all... Very great work. :)

💞 are you sure?

Did they fleece the motor vehicle registry to get a driver's license?

cute and funny

Awesome! 😍

awesome! (can i get 5 likes on this comment? i follow back)

Great ... as always! ⭐

So funny and joyful artwork !

No you dogooooood!@

That cracked me up!

Oh, that's a baaaaad joke, lol

Cracker 💙💚💛🧡💜

Awe 🥰 so cute 🥰

Not a half baaad creation

So wide eye'd - that's ok sometimes driving downtown makes me a little nervous too.

He needs to do Waze and wear sunglasses...amazingly cute

Adorable. ❣️I hope that’s a fake steering wheel in the back of a truck, otherwise he’s on the wrong side of the yellow lines. lol

Lol so adorable 🥰 traffic cops would surely let him off anyway 😁

aww, he looks so cute!!! i love this so much. tbh, your creations are like a rush of bright sunlight in my dullest days!

Can't pull the wool over his eyes.

I just lambast all the cops that pull me over 😄

Horrible dad joke... i'm groaning from here....

What ever you do? Don't pull the wool over my eyes!

Nice one; reminds me of Assistant Mayor Bellwether from Zootopia 🤣

Wow, this is terrific! Amazing image!

I love this image so much! And as a pedestrian, I think I'd try to run away if I saw this behind the wheel... and I don't run very well or often!


Looks like your sheep is sitting in the bed of an Elcamino driving! Silly A.I. It's very adorable!

Don't let a sheep driving a car 😉

Aw 🐑🐏🐑 Can this get cutter

I love it :D Hahah !

It's Shaun the Sheep travelling through Canada! (notice he's driving on the wrong side of the road)


indeed your not a bad driver,just a cute driver.we trust you🥰🥰🥰


So cute and clever!

Guess I have to take his word for it!

Baaad Boys, Baaaad Boys.... . ..Whatcha gonna do when they COMB & SHEAR you?!!!

I heard his diving skills are meh... 🤔

Love it! ❤️❤️❤️

Not baaaaad at puns either!!!

Love the expression

love this one wow !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Driving is not Sheep....bahahaha


Oh hell no 😁🤣🤣🤣

Hope this ends well

Aw sooo cute

this is a fun pic. love it.

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“I’m not a baaaad driver.”

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closeup adorable nervous cgi cartoon sheep driving a blue car, city street



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"closeup adorable nervous cgi cartoon sheep driving a blue car, city street"


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Picture an animated scene depicting an endearing and anxious CGI cartoon sheep. This sheep is behind the wheel of a blue car, looking slightly unsure and uneasy. He's navigating along a city street, with various buildings, traffic signals, and folks walking on the sidewalks. His round, wide eyes are focused on the road ahead, his small hooves gripping the steering wheel tightly. Soft wool covers his body and his ears are adorably floppy. The city street is typical with skyscrapers in distance, lanes clearly painted, and the hustle and bustle of a busy day around him.




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