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Leafpool at the Moonpool
Leafpool at the Moonpool
20 days ago

Leafpool at the Moonpool

Created 20 days ago · 215 comments· 0 likes·🪙💰 6


Daily Challenge #529:Masterpiece Monday

Oh my gosh everyone! I never expected this to blow up! Thank you so much for all the likes!!! ❤️Sorry if I don’t reply to your comments, just know I’m so grateful!

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Any cat lover will enjoy seeing this my friend, good job

20 daysReply

Thank you!

Nice, I like the eyes

Love the ripples under the paw

Ummm which universe should I go for where there are plenty of mices.

Very cool cat image. Nice pool

Awesome concept, the cat's eyes are very intense

Looks a lot like her the back is mysterious looks like she’s going to starclan very nice

Not if I can help it!

oh hey, nice image! I've read the Warriors series, what's your fav character?

Thanks! My favorite is either Fallen Leaves or Bluestar! Who is your fav?

I wish, but I used up all my free ones to make this lol

Replying to: Warrior Cat Obsessed I wish, but I used up all my f...

We've all been there my dude

Replying to: Warrior Cat Obsessed I wish, but I used up all my f...

Sending you the credits now so you can animate if you want to.

😍 This is amazing! 💓🥰💓

typically speaking, I skip over cutesy cat pics, but this one is different. Has a magic about it. I had to follow, especially since I saw that you're one of us who share prompts. Thank you.

Aww thank you for the supportive comment!

Any cat lover will love this, great job my friend

I used to be absolutely obsessed with the warriors series!!🤩🤩🤩Read every book and everything! So glad to see an amazing picture of Leafpool too this is stunning! 🩵🩵🩵

ahhh i love it!!! leafpool <3

I dont read wc well ive read one book, but this is amazing!

So pretty! I love cats! Especially if it's from Warrior Cats

This is amazing to be made on nightcafe

Gorgeous creation. Beautiful cat and a lovely setting. Following you.

so beautiful and magical!

Like #734


I follow back

Gorgeous cat! I love the glowing blue water too. I'm following 🩵

Very nice, love the eyes and blue water

OMG!! I always wondered how was the Moon pool, now I have an idea🐱 thanks!! Wonderful creation! Ofc following (huge fan of Warrior cats😺). What your favourite cat?? Mine is HollyLeaf😻!

I love warrior cats, this looks amaaaaazing. I actually have my own Warrior Creation named Silver, I had originally created him on Roblox, cringy I know, but since I don’t play Roblox anymore I don’t have the image

This is a beautiful depiction of the Holy Spirit and the Living Water flowing through the favorite form of the goddess, her beloved feline.

I loved this so much I wanted to try your prompt! I did make a couple changes to the prompt. Thank you so much!! 😃

Wow! That looks great!

Replying to: Warrior Cat Obsessed Wow! That looks great!

Thank you so much!!!

My cat used to do this before drinking, so cute

SO AMAZING! I Love the warriors series! This makes me so HAPPY!

So beautiful. I love the details. Following😺

Wow! Love the crystal water illuminating the light!

Good catch of moment possibility!

Super joli avec de bons détails ^^

ah !!! yeah !! A cat !!! Very beautiful cat !

Stunning artwork, I love it! SO beautiful!

Leafpool would be proud. You deserve even more attention!!! I love the details!

Love it!! I have a young kitty that does this at bathroom sink.

I love this Work as a Warrior Cats fan myself

so beautiful! I love warrior cats so it's perfect for me


That looks kind of like a scene from Warrior Cats by Erin Hunter. So cool.

That’s what it’s supposed to be 😊Thank you

Luv the cat's expression. Almost hypnotic, powerful.

Pawesome work . 💖💖Following

this is how milky way galaxy was made

That is an amazing image. Following

Beautiful and magical

she is focused, as if watching a mouse.

I love this! 😍😽😻

That is such a detailed and absolutely beautiful image.

Beautiful. Love this

Wonderful art! 😸💛

Beautiful. Following

This is so beautiful. Just goes to show the power of AI

This is really awesome.

Beautiful image 😉

nice love the eyes

Very impressive and beautiful 💙😻

Gorgeous surreal cat !😻

WHOA this is cool like HOT DAMN this style goes hard

Gorgeous 🐱💙

This is insanely good, excellent job

Gorgeous, well done, fantastic work

Gorgeous and a follow

beautiful creation.

Gorgeous! The lighting is superb!

Absolutely gorgeous!

Wow, this is terrific! Amazing image!

Wow, very creative 👏 👌 😍

This is a beautiful piece of art!

A fellow WC fan I see, looks nice

Amazing! Leafpool is definitely one of my favorite characters!

My cat drinks water by dipping in his paw. Leaf pool?

Très belle image Jaime beaucoup

❤️ so beautiful. i'm following you. #ilovewarriorcats