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“They tried to make me go to treehab.”
“They tried to make me go to treehab.”
a month ago

“They tried to make me go to treehab.”

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Amy Pinehouse?

a monthReply




BWAH!!! Note to self: no drinking when looking at Mormookiee's work. Another note to self: dry off my phone.

Hahah.... "and that was the Ent of that."

You can't make a tree go to a treehab. He's stuck on his root.

Replying to: Eto Demerzel Rootbeer!


Thanks again for the 🪙, Mormookiee! 🤩✌️😎👍😁👌

i love the cartoony style❤️

Always great stuff to brighten the day!

It's for your own good man! 🤣

Haha! Nice work Mormookiee!

🪙 1

They need to be like a thorn in his side to get him to treehab. 😁

At least he could treecycle his bottles!

😂You make me laugh out loud every time. magnificent. Thanks

lol 😂 !!!

I got one for you. It was inspired by your I'm not peeling well today Banana. It's Eddie vedder in a hospital bed looking sick and hooked up to machines and it's called " I'm not feeling Eddie Vedder " as in "any better" i couldn’t get it to work out vut im sure you could. Anywho, let me know if you have a go

People used to call us Bernie and Ert all the time. Glad to see you here 😄



Thank you so much for your so kind tip !


Thanks for the tip! 😊🙏🪻

I don’t think he’s happy.

Thanks for another tip!

but I said grow, grow, grow

it's too , thx my friend

It's treezen then.


But I said "No, No, No!"

🪙 1

Lol! Nice work. And you come up with the best titles!

"But i said no, no, no." -- Amy Winehouse

They did make me go to "treehab." Love your sense of humor.

ya, ya, ya ... 😄

Huge shoutout for @Fifi22 please drop her a follow

Hahahaha!!!! Funny as hell.

and he said "No No No" 🤣

@Mormookiee - Thank you for the tip hon ❣

And he says, no, no, no! Ha! Too cute!

Ha ha Lolz he decide to leave was not interested in their TREEtment

the bad habits are too well rooted, nice

Absolutely fantastic

hey dude could be worse could have been a Meat and Groot 😄

Отлично! Здорово получилось!


Haha nice


I see he said no, no, no 😄

Thats so Funny, Great Work!!!!!

Nice work!

Knew He Had To Be Yours Mormookiee Hope Your Having A Great Day


😆 so good!

He's a "hard wood" case, alright!

how dare they! lol 😆

Hahahaha love the humour! Nice piece!

The root treatment will do him good ...

I think he's Korean, what with all those soju and makgeolli bottles

That is one angry looking tree trunk

Looks like he belongs in treehab! He's trashed!

"He can't keep getting away with this!"

Mormookie being a pun menace as always, I see. 😁

😃 Nice one. Great work

Getting him to leaf that chair he is rooted in wood be a challenge 🤣

😁😁 excellent 👍

But I said no, no, no Yes I've been black, but when I come back You'll know, know, know

Huge shoutout for @Fifi22 please drop her a follow


And I said, no, no , no!


🤣🤣 I said no, no, no 🥂🥂

I said No No No 😉

Ahaha, this is awesome 😂

Why did the bear bring wood to the party? Because he heard they were serving boozy bears!


...and I said "Grow, Grow, Grow"


How you come up with some of these, amazes me!

Hilarious 😂😂

Looks like me...grumpy


Heheheeeeeee you sure know your words! This is really a great made work, and the title fits it´s perfect. Thanks for yet a great piece of art!

😆😆😆😆 good one

Cool!!! ❤️

But he said "grow, grow"

the cleaning lady has given notice

Oh mooks, so consistant! I love yor stuff. How do you find inspiration for these constant bangers?

I was listening to the Winehouse song because my mother in law is in rehab for her back. The idea just struck!

awesome creation, love the humour

🪙 1

Freeakin' funny! Again...😆


waouh, je ris, j'adore

It was such a sappy thing to do.Why wouldn't they just leaf me alone?

Excellent play on words from the Amy Winehouse song. Also, great expression on the tree character. Nicely done!

He needs treerapy 👏🏼🤧🤧

Hahaha super!!

extraordinarily astonishingly magnificent

Omg this is SOOO GOOD!!! 🤣 🤣 🤣

Ha ha ha love it!

Thank you for the tip 😃


Thank you for the tip @Mormookiee ! 🙏🏻🥰💗

LOL. That's funny!


lol, your ideas are always brilliant!


🪙 1

Grumpy old tree

Hehe that is my brother when he does not go to sleep for 2 days

"And I said leaf, leaf, leaf" XD

"why don't you make like a tree and get outta here?"

But BEAR WHIZ BEER keeps me Right Here!

Excellent, amazing, wonderful work

Treelarious! 😄

We be'Leaf' you need help.

🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣, fantastic

Muchas gracias por la propina 😊😊


You should go there, really, it's very helpful 😄

I hope u said, "Nooo Noooo No! 🎶"

...but you said, "Grow, grow, grow".

Replying to: Mormookiee LOLOLOL

You saw what I did there 😂

Omg! I love this!!! Brilliant 👏👏👏👏👏

These really crack me the feck up ❤️ I love the play on words and your art!

OMG, not in mood..

Thank you for tip. 🌹 🙏

😃 very good!!!

bro not gonna lie he looks drunk

Good one! 😂