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Bring it on, Don Quixote!
Bring it on, Don Quixote!
2 months ago

Bring it on, Don Quixote!

Created 2 months ago · 156 comments· 0 likes·🪙💰💸🤑 51



This artwork was created with the help of Artificial Intelligence. Create your own AI-generated artworks using NightCafe Creator.


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2 monthsReply

not sure how you do it do well...

Mo, that's great!!

Super animation !

This is a terrific animation!!

Excellent animation! ✨✨✨

🪙 1

Looking at the blades, it is obvious that generating dynamic animated objects with the correct geometry is still difficult for AI.

Oh this is just so aesthetically pleasing 🤍💛🍃

The animation paid off in this one!!!

Wow really great animation

That’s a great animation! I love the movement of the grasses!

I'm impressed ! The animation turned out perfect in this project ✨✨

Jee ! Most of the time my animations are completely messing up the start image. Do we have to prompt something to animate the good parts of it ?


Ooo nice

So poetic 👌👏👏👏👏

What a nice, what a beautiful ❤️

Wow what a genius!! Love it!

Join my challenge to win

a very illuminating subject

Wow so beautiful animation


Wow! Wonderful !

This animation turned out amazing!


Such an incredible image, excellent work! Wow! :-)

Very cool animation! 🙂

@Mormookiee thank you very much for your tip ❣🙂

Good one, the animation really works well in this, love the yellow summer vibe Mormookie 👏🏻👏🏻

🪙 1

Very cool animation, Mormookiee

Great idea for animation , well done

Sancho! My armor! The giant calls me!

the very best

Muchas gracias por la propina 😊😊

nice bird chopper 😄


Wow! It's spinning!

I'm a fan of this picture.

I'm not sure if a windmill can be described as a fan (a very big fan?), but this was meant to be a pun nonetheless :-)

Happy windmill produces pleasant colors. Interesting both windmill and plants are animated. There are still some flaws, but in time animation it will get better.

Well that works! Brilliant 👏🏼👏🏼

Haha like the flying duchm. Cool !


The creative wonderfully conveys the dynamics of the wind


Fantastic movie creation

So nice and hilarious reference !!!

Cool animation!! Super!


Thanks for the tip 😃

Blue skies and sunshine! After dealing with such a long, dreary winter, this made my heart smile. The artwork stands on its own. Animation was an added bonus.

🪙 1

So cool ! 👌🏻

It's funny, and it's also very dynamic! It's a great concept.


Wonderful done animation you have done this time. GREAT!

Excellent, amazing, wonderful work

Superbe image, magique

OMG this is my favourite animation now

Probably the best SVD I've seen yet! 👏

Мельница крутится!

Absolutely beautiful! 😍😍😍

Love it!! Don Quixote will have his hands full with this giant.

This workout really well well done

This is beautiful and amazing !

wow this blows me away

Wow! How many animations did you try before getting a windmill that turned?


MASTER, I should've been speechless bowing at your feet. I apologize for screaming. LOL

That's just freaking sick my friend. The Pro next to your name is meaningful

Woh epic @Mormookiee , hey my hat’s blown away 🙏🔆🌈

It works again!

I would personally like you to join my challenge! This piece is stunning. . Winner will win credits!

Would you please join:

Sancho, to hell with the armor, fetch the trebuchet!

Your animations are great. Out of curiosity, how many attempts does it usually take to get a good result? I've tried a few times, but I often get the stupid left to right scanning effect. Is there a trick to it, or do you just throw out a lot of bad ones until you get a good result?

The video isn't bad at all on this it seems hit and miss but this one certainly a hit. Lovely creation too.

Absolutely wonderful!

Terrific use of the animation feature!

Very nice! Your windmill turned out perfectly... not fair.

strong wind ! 👍

The animation turned out great 😀👍

This is so good! 👏👏🥰

One of the best animations I've seen!

Yes!!! Gorgeous 😍

Yeaaa...Awesome...great works!! 🤩

😇🐰Nice one🦆🐤🐰😇

haha. love the caption. this is very cool.

Brilliant 😍😍😍😍😍

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Bring it on, Don Quixote!

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