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23 days ago

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DALL-E 36x


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So cute! Have a great weekend adansito

23 daysReply

I once had a "pet" Fox..this reminds me so much of my bff

What thoughts grace your mind, oh beautiful one?

Adorable 弘 please continue to notify me when you post new art

I do believe this might indeed be a fox


Thank you for the , Adansito! 予儭

Why are foxes just sooooo cute!!??

Thank you for the tip

Thank you so much for your lovely tip!!!

Awwww. It's a fabulous foxy!

very fixed fox and eyes so deep youvcan sweem inside. well done

All your creations are absolutely incredible

Thank you for tip, its much appreciated

You have now officially melted my heart. 儭儭儭

Aww what a sweetie, no surprise it's yours Adansito 均

Awwww, these continue to be so adorable! So much cuteness is possible with the right magical wording!

Those eyes so beautiful

Another Magnificent creation, adansito! Looks Great. I like it...

哄.absolutely perfect!佞奏弘

So adorable! I love the eyes

Wonderful creation and I love the title :D

beautiful - love the nose!

woah another one to get another 2564 likes lol

trop mignon, j'adore

Hello beauty!弘

Aww! Thpse eyes go right to my heart

Aww 弘 so gorgeous 均

Adorable!! Really nice work!

Incredible work! <3

Groovy Fox

Adorable creation!

Thanks for the tip

Cute fox adansito

I love how the fireflies turned out!

Adorable!!!! <3

What does the fox say?

Lovely, and the eyes...

Awwwhahaha! Oh my goodness! 弘毋

My goodness, so cute. Wonderful.

Love this I want to learn how to make this

sweet and lovely to look at

awww it's adorable 弘弘

Lovely creation

amazing and so very cute

Beautiful animal!

Lovely expression! A masterpiece!

Awesome, such nice work, learning a lot, thanks for your inspiration

Aww "Will you take me home?"

Thank you for the tip 歹

The fox's world is magical

Such an adorable masterpiece!

We can pinch hit for dogs, you know.

Wow great job! The close up leaves are so detailed! And the fox is really cute! 朮 弘

these eyes melt me everytime!!

So cute... following!

He/she is waiting for petting.

Muchas gracias por la propina

This is amazing....

Amazing ! there seems to be an entite galaxy in it's eyes

Adorable 均均均

Oohh my!! Those eyes are so adorable!! So sweet!!! 弘綾賅屢歹均

This one is so beautiful !! 弘

Wow thats perfect 予

Beautiful 歹歹歹

Encore un superbe clich矇 de ta part, bravo l'Artiste

I love all the textures. Pretty realistic

Super cute!

Excellent, super, wonderful work

2 things instantly come to mind. First the song from froze , do you want to come and play. Dont know why but does.

2nd is the fox and the hound.

Thank you so much for the tip @adansito

My daily dose of cutness!!!

Aww Adorable I love his eyes you should do a puppy next!

love it弘均

Love this!!! 歹歹

wonderful masterpiece

The most beautiful fox! His eyes are fab!

Adorable. Another great work, Adansito

Thxs, adansito! I really Appreciate your generosity...

so sweet and cute foxie

Absolutely spectacular little fox with the deepest cosmic blue eyes!歹

A beautiful glow in eyes, look serene

Foxy vs Wolfie is now a very close call. Canines def ruling to top spots!

Love this Adansito! It's gorgeous!