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Elements in bottle
Elements in bottle
10 days ago

Elements in bottle

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My prompts are open for anyone to learn from, and enjoy. All I ask is if you take an open prompt, please credit the originator and leave it as an open prompt TY #manaland #open-source-guild

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I dig it!

10 daysReply

thank you

you can only dig Earth....

Replying to: zlobilus exponential you can only dig Earth....

Erm, ice?

Replying to: NotMrDoodles Erm, ice?

I guess chipping ice would qualify as digging

So cool! I have finally made my own proper challenge! Would you like to join?

Ice contains all the spirits of the people it has frozen solid.

Many many thanks!!

That’s amazing

Wow that's cool.

TERRIFIC CREATION. I'm in love with every single detail of it. Very beautiful. Keep creating!!

Thank you so much!

Replying to: Manaland Thank you so much!

Of course. And I mean it! Your creations are awesome!

Wow, this is FABULOUS

Excellent creation! 🤩😍

Amazing! 😍following you! 💕👍💡💪⭐

So cool!! I appreciate the open prompt. 🤩 #alwayslearning

Good!! All my prompt are open! Enjoy!

Oh my gosh! Wow 🤩

Love this, following


Wow, seriously awesome. Super cool.

Awesome creation!

This may actually be the coolest animation I’ve seen on here.

This is cool! And thanks for sharing your prompt

Thanks! Enjoy this prompt and all the others I used in my creations

That is superbe.

this is absolutely the best creation ive seen in a long long time

Many thanks

Where’s Earth in the Elements?

Rocks more than Earth 😉

Officially coolest thing I've seen all day! 15/10

Replying to: Math Girl Okay to try, with your prompt?...

use all the prompt I used in my creations as you prefer!

Replying to: Manaland Thanks!

Okay to try, with your prompt? :)

Following! Hope maybe u follow back…? 🫣

Sure, I follow users that loves open prompts!

Replying to: IIRRIIOONN Following u

Thank you

This is incredible 😲

Id love to try that prompt...on several generators

Many thanks!!!

Very impressive! ❤️👏🏻

You are amazing! Thank you!!

That’s so cool!

This is amazing! Thank you so much for sharing!!!!!!

Great style. very original

Great ❤️ Just amazing 😍

That's is a great creation!!

Wow, incredible video!

Absolutly wild, great work.

  • I'd like to imagine the wizard who captured them was like "Earth elementals are hard to get, nobody gonna notice the secend fire elemental."

Great made work

Super cool and creative...following

Awesome animation👏👏👏

Bravissimo @manaland è una creazione meravigliosa ,e quanti like ❤️ complimenti 👏👏

Grazie! Totalmente inaspattati… NC oggi ha deciso di farmi un regalo ☺️

Replying to: Manaland Grazie! Totalmente inaspattati...

Credo che siano meritati tutti😉👏

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