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I love this piece but I love even more how you master every style you do... and there's a wide range....🖤🙌🙌

21 daysReply

Beautiful…my no.2 - would’ve given it joint 1st if it was possible..

I was thinking same thing.

Its sooo beautiful 🤌🏻✨

Amazing piece! ☺️

Brilliantly beautiful and a stunning portrait!

As Tina Turner says, "what's sand go to do with it?"

Replying to: Uniseine As Tina Turner says, "what's s...

ha ha ha, ingenious

congrats Gazelli! beautiful creation my Friend in my top favorites

Well done Gazelli!

darude ? 🤐


Very beautiful and well made portrait! 🫶

love it! Wonderful details

Very pretty, was one of my short listers today

So ridiculously awesome this!!

Oh my that’s amazing Gazelli 💚

Wow! This really is tremendous!

Ooooh this is just 👌🏻 👌🏻 👌🏻

Beautiful done!

Gorgeous 💜

Truly brilliant! Your prompt is amazing. Congratulations on the awesome result 🩷✨️

So beautiful 🖤

Simply enchanting! ❤️

Wow, this is lovely!

Incredible and stunning! I love the style and all the details!🌟🌟🌟

great double exposure effect

So artistic ❤️

The sandstorm dissolving the image is priceless, epic storytelling.

This is awesome! Well done! 🙂

Even though she's taking a beating, she just keeps on going! :O Hehe! ;-) <3 :D


Oh the story I see in her eyes!

Wonderful and so evocative. I really need to learn to use Dall-E 3 if this is the kind of output it's capable of. But then, that's in your talented hands, not mine. Fantastic work...

Excellent, super, wonderful work

Woow... great composition!!!!

Fantastic! 👏👏👏

Beautiful 😃

Very cool. Reminds me of the mutant Dust from Marvel

fantastic view, colors and lighting looks amazing.

superbe réalisation j'adore de style

Wow, beautiful💕 Wanna join?

Would make a wonderful book cover.

❣️❣️great ! beautiful

An amazing creation!!

Stunning! Following

Magnificent! 💯

cool check out this challenge

Really beautiful 😍

😮😍 Wowwww! 😍❤️🥰

Stunning! 🧡

sublime, exceptionnel, bravo

Awesome! Thank You for Sharing the Prompt!

Outstanding image! It just needs a little music to go with it.

Interesting concept... love it!


thank you for the prompt

Dust you are and to dust shall you return, but in between, beauty will bloom.

Gorgeous work!!

This is excellent! Amazing work! :-)



Omg this is gorgeous

Dramatic and ethereal! Thank you for creating this one!

Amazing Mastery at its Best!!


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"A manhwa inspired double exposure portrait artwork depicting a female nomad queen in the desert, with a raging sandstorm and ancient ruins superimposed. The style is a textured speedpaint with large, rough brush strokes and sand particles, creating a dynamic and rugged feel. The piece, trending on ArtStation, features particles of sand that add to the chaotic atmosphere. The medium is oil on canvas, showcasing highly detailed fine art quality. The style is inspired by Arabian Nights, with its vivid, exotic imagery, and the image exudes a mystical aesthetic. The painting's texture and brushwork bring life and energy to the desert scene. Manhwa style inspired. Grainy texture. Glitchcore. Textured dark background."


DALL·E 3 Revised Prompt

Create a manhwa inspired double exposure piece depicting a Middle-Eastern female nomad queen within a desert scene. The portrait artwork shows a raging sandstorm blowing across ancient ruins, superimposed over the queen's image. She emanates intense emotion through the swirling grains, encased within a textured speedpaint style. The artwork uses thick, rough brush strokes and tiny units to represent sand particles, resulting in a dynamic and rugged feel. The medium is oil on canvas, displaying fine art quality with high attention to detail. The style draws inspiration from Arabian Nights, showcasing vivid, mystical imagery. The painting's texture, the energy of the brushwork, and the dark background should amplify the powerful atmosphere of the desert scene. Avoid referencing specific ArtStation works or trends. Incorporate elements from the glitchcore art style for added contrast and intensity.





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