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☆~The World of Lovecraft~☆ ラヴクラフトの世界 - عالم لافكرافت - 洛夫克拉夫特的世界
☆~The World of Lovecraft~☆ ラヴクラフトの世界 - عالم لافكرافت - 洛夫克拉夫特的世界
3 months ago

☆~The World of Lovecraft~☆ ラヴクラフトの世界 - عالم لافكرافت - 洛夫克拉夫特的世界

Created 3 months ago · 130 comments· 3831 likes·🪙💰💸🤑💵 172

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Skyeithse is selling this creation

I shall call him Greg

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"A Detailed hyper-realistic Sinister and dark colored Post-Apocalyptic World Ruined by a H P Lovcraft Elder god, Unreal Engine 5, horror, high resolution, detailed digital art, painting by Vladimir Manyuhin, Greg Rutkowski, and Anne Stokes"

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Anonymous User

Wow, now that is badass

3 monthsReply


brilliant! love them

My next thing is a total 180 in theme lol

Replying to: Skyeithse My next thing is a total 180 i...

sounds fun :D variety is wonderful

Can I post this on twitter?

I think i have tweeted it on my just retweet it

Absolutely epic! Astonishingly good.

Beautiful piece! How did you get it to have 1000x resolution?

It's not there was 4 photos and I upscale them each

This is so cool. By far the best that I have seen of Lovecraft style. Love it!!

This is breathtakingly awesome

Wow! This is bad ass!

Man all of these are making me feel tiny...

Please like my works, I need credits

the silhouettes really make this

That is freaking amazing bro

this is so fucking amazing. HOW do yall get such cool ones :O

POV you did all the side quests first 🤣

Pov: ur watching stranger things season 4

I made a derivate of your picture, hope it's okay with you. If not I'll remove it.


Replying to: Skyeithse love it

Thank you !

F how is it this easy to make something like this!? But when I ask for a simple character I can't even make it and it's literally a 2D FNF character!

wording order matters and how it is state i got lucky to get these combo of words to almost always do well

Replying to: Skyeithse wording order matters and how...

Gonna take that advice going to do it way more specifically and also going to also add the artists behind BF the art style and the name of the game he's from. Thanks for the Advice and for responding to my comment thanks!


3 monthsReply

Cthulu looking monster

As an Eldritch Horror fan... yes.

Damn. Well........... I'm not sleeping tonight, eh? (Jk, SICK AS HELL)

WOW!!! That is amazing you should check out my stuff

beautiful creation. I also create in this style. if you want to take a look again at my profile

This is really good and very inspirational to my artwork and gives me a lot of ideas


nice i made this my background

Impressive. The Elder God is already cool, yet it's the people, warriors? Cultists? something else? Down below there. Those inky branches from the guy with the sword's head....

better answer then

Replying to: Skyeithse better answer then

Me only speak flying Spaghetti Monsterian... Dunno what to say 😁

he'll understand then, they be family

Holy cow that's incredible!


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