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Daily Challenge #529:Masterpiece Monday

This artwork was created with the help of Artificial Intelligence. Create your own AI-generated artworks using NightCafe Creator.


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Aww purrfect napping spot 🐱💜

a monthReply

very cool

OMG would pet but don't wanna disturb this adorable LIDDLE FLOOF 🧡 🤍 🧡

This little ginger baby looks so compfy in his wheat nest!! 😽💤

OMG - so adorable. I have a cat named Clary that looks like this one. The colors and details are amazing. Following😺

Replying to: Sadghostgirl Give Clary a forehead kiss fro...

Will do


Give Clary a forehead kiss from me 🥰

Omg, so adorable and cute 😻


Ohhhhhhhh my God. Soooooo cuuuuuteeeee.

aww, so cozy, so sweet!

Wow... so beautiful 😍😻


Cute. Also, shhh, be quiet or you'll wake the furbaby


this is purrfect! <3 the nose!!! very well done, beautifur soul ;)

DALL-E 3 is something! Wow

Looks like the cat l inherited 👍❤️

We had a feral cat who did this in my garden. Thanks for the memory. 🥰😻🥰

This is fantastic! Followed!

This is fantastic! Followed!

Love this one! Beautiful!

So sweet 🫶🏻


So comfy! 🥰🧡

so calming, beautiful

Somehow, after a very anxious day, this image immediately brought me to my right place again melting away the stress of the world. Also, it’s quite beautiful in every aspect. Thank you for sharing your work.

Me encanta!! 😻

This is really amazing! Bravo!

Great idea, love the textures…

Beautiful 😍

Looks Nice!! I follow

Wow, this is such a great creation! Amazing work! :-)

Adorable 😍

aww love this , following

Wow, wonderful! 🥰

Brilliant and so sweet!

Дуже схожий на мого котика

Purrfect image 😀😀😀

this looks like my cat lol. I love how has a sun spot and looks so incredibly comfy! I just want to lie down with him

So cute and adorable. Lovely scene of the cat sleeping in the wheat field.

Excellent, wonderful, super work.

Thank you for producing good work for us to see.

I can confirm the camouflage orange cat technique is effective at times.


beautiful following

Looks so peaceful ❣️

All the best dreams for the fluffy friend 🐱

This is super adorable! Following!

Vraiment réussit superbe image


I follow back

Absolutely adorable!! following!

That's one of the cutest creations ever seen by me...

So cute. Following

Adorable! Perfect! Following

Simply wonderful! Following

I love cats, and this one is obviously in his happy place.

Wow, looks like my boss baby. So beautiful. Following

It looks like my cat!!!!

Beautiful cat and surroundings.

Beauty in a golden dream

so cute😍✨😍✨

Beautiful blend of color. Love it!

Catnip junkies are the worst.

This is adorable! Following! 😊

Beautiful scene! 💖💖

full of harvest mice I guess, sleep well... :P

You have an impressive style! Thanks for making great art! I follow you. Prosper

So cute!!!! I just want to pet that adorable ball of fur

yes that cat looks very cuddly

but wouldn't that itch? still amazing

would you mind if I set this to my backround picture?

Love the lighting and the expression on the cat's face!

This reminds me of my kitty, John Barley Corn! He passed away a few years ago =_( But this looks just like him. Thank you for the reminder =)

Waw amazing style i follow you i like it

Love the way the fur mirrors the texture and colour of the wheat, nice choice :)

Beautiful orange monochrome image of tabby kitten in wheat fie;d at golden hour.

Go ' way, I'm Semolina

👍👍👍 Following

so adorable you are a lovely person and the world should see that I'll follow you! Have a blessed day!

( I'm at Cocoa My Cat pls follow)

So cute. Beautiful subject and colors